As general contractors, JWC Construction Group’s overall construction management philosophy is an emphasis on the fundamentals or quality management, scheduling and cost analysis. We use the traditional core elements of construction project coordination to control the quality on all of our construction projects which include the following:

• Pre-construction meetings with the owners, design teams and key subcontractors prior to the start of construction outlining the anticipated construction process. These items include protocol for the transfer of information, required submittal / mock-ups, preliminary construction schedule review, long-lead items and outstanding design issues.

• Weekly progress meetings are held on site with required attendees to review the schedule status, outstanding RFI’s / PCO’s / Submittals, material delivery log, old business and new business items.

• An actual review of the site is done as part of the weekly construction meetings to ensure the construction is progressing as indicated by the construction schedule. Required mock-up are also reviewed for approval / modifications

• As our central point of contact on the construction site, our superintendents facilitate the transfer of information from the field to all necessary parities as quickly as possible. The protocol provided in the preconstruction meeting is the basis for the path the information to travel. Order of magnitude and judgment are also included during the distribution of information.

• JWC will lead weekly safety meetings with all subcontractors and also has an outside safety company randomly visit our sites to review the overall safety.

• Monthly in-house quality punch-list reviews are performed by JWC to minimize deficiencies at the end of the construction project.

• Separate monthly meetings with the owner and design team are held to review actual construction cost versus estimated cost, anticipated additional cost based on existing conditions and possible ways to avoid these additional cost. And untimely delays.

• We provide the owner, landlord and design team with As-Builts and Operations / Maintenance manuals at the end of each project along with any other required close-out documentation.